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photo: Mohammed El Mhedwi|

Tewa Barnosa

Tewa Barnosa (1998), is a Tripoli born and Berlin-based artist and cultural producer, In her work she is taken by the adventures of exploring new and old meanings employed in languages and its ancient scripts, What’s written will remain, history approves, but the future might hold other possibilities for the etymologies and typologies that were for too long neglected or socio-politically denied and erased.

To investigate, document, and question such narratives, Barnosa experiments with paper-based works, installations, digital mediums, moving images, and recently sound, Her research often revolves around the construction and destruction of knowledge, the means, and tools in which were and still used for the sake of isolation and dehumanization of people and the lands they inhabit.

In 2015, a year after the Libyan civil war has taken over the soul of Tripoli and its citizens, including herself, She founded WaraQ, an independent non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the contemporary Libyan art scene locally and in the diaspora, Through encouraging socio-critical dialogue between artists and audiences. And for such purpose, Her involvement in WaraQ since the age of seventeen was and still an alternative educational module for her, that is based on witnessed realities of horror, and knowledge(s) that are navigated through the questions asked in each project, seeking to see the totality in her own specific locality, rather than the ones imposed on her.