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Photo: Annemarie Hoffmeister|

Sarai Meyron

Sarai Meyron (born 1995) is an Israeli multimedia artist who questions how she has been shaped by society and culture. She often uses herself, her body and her voice as material. She uses metaphors that look at the past and the present. Starting point for her works is often her mixed family background as well as the history of the expulsion. At the age of 18, she moved to Germany. Since then, she has co-edited The Legend of Barbara Rubin, the 80th issue of Film Culture, and starred in Keren Cytter’s video Fashions. In 2017, she won first place in the Film category of the Münzenberg Forum with her video “Woher kommen Sie?”, which questions both identity and social integration processes. Together with a group of friends, she is currently founding a cultural non-profit association that is supposed to be a democratically administered digital art platform. In her free time she is an anonymous author in the open archives of the internet.