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photo: Christoph Mischke|

Ammar Hatem -
Who am I?

An artist and curator, I have lived for two years in Berlin. At the moment, I am doing my Master’s degree at the Berlin University of the Arts (Universität der Künste Berlin), in the field of Art in Context. In 2015 I came to Germany, where I worked on many projects and workshops in Göttingen. I was born into a family of the Druze faith in Damascus. There, I later studied art at the University of Fine Arts in Damascus. I have always tried to exert an influence on the publicly conducted discourse, often led by institutions, on the theme of cultural identity.

I believe that the future is a collective responsibility. Today we are experiencing in North Africa and West Asia a new cultural movement which uncovers cultural identities which were previously suppressed. The starting point for this exhibition was to create an all-embracing point through which we can build up an artistic and critical vision for the future in the region. I have learned a great deal from the participating artists and together we have developed this project, because they have presented us with various types and ideas of cultural identities as well as a new vision for the role of the individual and of individuality in society. And finally, I would like to thank all participants for these very expressive works of art which have, time and again, guided the exhibition in a new direction and enriched it. And special thanks go to the Friedland Museum for the support given to us and to our project for over a year.